Apparently, size does matter

When it comes to the four healthiest states in the US. Let’s give a shout out to Hawaii (8th smallest), Massachusetts (7th smallest), Connecticut (3rd smallest) and Vermont (6th smallest) for being the healthiest states. All this according to a whopping 188-page report from the United Health Foundation. Number 5 on the list? Utah, but it didn’t continue the “size” analysis so insert your favorite Book of Mormon or Mitt Romney reference here. Want another pattern? Sure you do. Know what the worst five states were? See if you can pick up the pattern yourself: Arkansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Remember, one of the best ways to stay healthy is to avoid donuts. This from Globo Gym’s CEO, White Goodman.

4. Good week for biosimilars

This week, United Health announced a proposal to drop Sanofi’s insulin Lantus and Amgen’s bone marrow stimulant Neupogen in favor of their biosimilars. AND THEN, the FDA approved Amgen’s biosimilar version of Humira. Good week for biosimilars, bad week for Lantus, and meh week for Amgen (especially since AbbVie is still suing for patent infringement). This is only the fourth biosimilar licensed by the FDA under the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act, but the true test will come if more payers, like United, drop the branded products completely. ICYMI: Biosimilar safety and interchangeability are still questioned by some.