So long sepsis?

Sepsis is the leading cause of death in American hospitals, claiming over 700 patients per day. So wouldn’t it be nice if there were something care providers could do about it? Two large-scale studies are trying to figure that out with a cure that’s so (relatively) simple and cheap, some are calling it snake oil. Dr. Paul Marik began treating his sepsis patients with a cocktail of Vitamin B1, Vitamin C, and corticosteroids, and observed remarkable sepsis reversals in many of the patients he treated with the mix. The implications of this proposed treatment are more dramatic than the most dramatic panda ever. So the two studies are trying to get funds and patients recruited ASAP to see if the science really stands up to scrutiny.

5. Feed your head

What’s worse than having anxiety and depression? Having anxiety and depression about your cancer diagnosis and the potential for relapse. While the mushrooms your mother gives you may not do anything at all, two separate studies have shown that a single dose of magic mushrooms demonstrated “immediate, substantial, and sustained clinical benefits” with respect to anxiety and depression for about 80% of study participants with minimal side effects. Furthermore, these psychological benefits were immediate for most patients (unlike antidepressant meds that might take weeks to show benefit) and lasted longer than 6.5 months, the duration of the follow-up period. This is particularly good news because cancer-related psychological distress can be resistant to conventional therapy, and cancer treatments have been a gateway to recreational use…thanks, marijuana.