Precision medicine + diabetes

Time to break down diabetes into more subtypes than the amount of Wilford Brimley parodies there are on YouTube. Ok that might be an exaggeration because there are a TON, but Swedish & Finnish researchers are making an argument that we should probably have more than just the current two subtypes. They propose keeping Type 1 as its own thing, but expanding Type 2 into four clusters that are more descriptive of their causes. The basic breakdown is: Cluster 1, severe autoimmune (the former Type 1;) Cluster 2, severe insulin-deficiency; Cluster 3, severe insulin-resistant; Cluster 4, mild obesity-related; and Cluster 5, mild age-related. According to researcher Leif Groop, this is “a real step towards precision medicine. In the ideal scenario, this is applied at diagnosis and we target treatment better.” Increasingly patient-centric approaches will always get a thumbs-up from us.

We could use $58M from these folks (or from anyone)

We’re sure all InsightCity readers work at fabulous companies that, when you talk about who you work for at dinner parties, everyone stops to listen. That said, some of you might be jealous about this precision medicine data aggregation company. DNAnexus recently announced they raised $58M from folks like Microsoft, Google, WuXi, and TPG Biotech. Big freakin’ deal. Maybe. The next wave of precision insights could come from cross-institutional collaborations that produce rapidly increasing amounts of multi-omics data. The space is crowded. Another example: TriNetX is rapidly expanding their research collaboration network. So, InsightCIty readers, follow the money and see what happens and anyone out there with a few mil to spare, give us a ring. Anyone? Bueller?