WHO vs. trolls and bots

“Click here to sign a meaningless petition I created to ban this thing I don’t like.” “Give this posting a ‘like’ or Jesus won’t like you anymore.” “Read this story about how vaccines will kill your baby.” Thanks, Facebook. Yeah, it’s more complicated than that, but we can probably agree that FB should only be used to see what your high school crush looks like today, not as a source of news. WHO has reported a 30% increase in the number of measles cases from 2016 to 2017 and they say the increase falls squarely on the shoulders of vaccine hesitancy. According to the BBC, the Americas, Europe, and the Eastern Mediterranean show the largest increases in incidence. Here’s a list of common vaccine myths. Let’s see…given the fact that this writer won’t be conducting his own primary research on the topic anytime soon, should I choose to trust WHO and CDC or should I trust the Russian trolls and bots on Facebook? That’s a tough one.