Lyft lifts former McKesson executive

Recently, Lyft hired its first VP of Healthcare, Megan Callahan. Ms. Callahan has previous executive experience at Change Healthcare and McKesson. This hire is part of Lyft’s plan to “reimagine the way healthcare organizations and their patients get around. We know that over 3.6 million Americans can’t get the care they need due to a lack of transportation every year.” Lyft has been busy. Roughly 7.2 million patients will have access to Lyft rides through their exclusive integration with AllScripts and in a pilot program with Hitch Health, there was a 27% drop in missed appointments. Not bad. Lyft (and others like UberHealth) are trying to solve a big problem. According to DaVita, “when a patient who relies on dialysis misses just one appointment, they become 40% more likely to require hospitalization.” Let’s hope the Lyft drivers drive better than Harry Dunne.