The vegans have weaponized insects

In what must be Ron Swanson’s worst nightmare, an evil menace is spreading across the US—a tick that makes you allergic to red meat. Originally confined to the southeast like other pests (alligators, cottonmouths, InsightCity, etc.) the Lone Star tick can now be found anywhere between eastern Minnesota to eastern Long Island. It seems that one bite disrupts your body’s ability to process “Alpha-Gal,” which is a sugar molecule found in red meat, and not Wonder Woman’s sidekick. Most people find out they have the condition when they break out in hives after a large, meat-filled meal, but there are also some who found out after taking medications that use Alpha-Gal (within gelatin) as an excipient.

5. Like an allergy vaccination

“Early and often” will be the stance taken by the new health and wellness company Before Brands, which plans to rid the world of food allergies for good. With a product designed to be introduced into children’s diets at 6 months old, the goal is to keep kids from developing allergies by introducing potential allergens into their lives from an early age. Following the same science behind how vaccines prepare the immune system for a virus, Before Brands believes early exposure to allergens could help strengthen a child’s immune system before it develops an overreaction to certain allergens later on. If the theory holds true, then the company has $13.1 million in backing to get the ball rolling. How do you like them peanuts?