US pharmacists bound and gagged—and not in a fun way

Ahh, the US healthcare system…all the s#!t we don’t know until it comes out in the news. Did InsightCity’s US readers know that many pharmacists are under gag orders to NOT inform you when you could spend less money on a prescription? That’s right, if the cash price for your drug is lower than the co-pay that was negotiated by your insurance plan, the pharmacist may not have been allowed to tell you. Well, President Donald J. Trump—a long-time fan of gag orders 😊—has just signed a law that bans these particular gag orders, and while the law does not require a pharmacist to inform the customer of a lower price, it does prohibit the prohibition. Or something like that. Shut up. You know what I mean. Just ask your pharmacist if the cash price is lower than your copay. Also, the law doesn’t go into effect for 2 years. What the…?

Summary of Trump’s Drug Pricing Plan

American Patients First. Catchy title. Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve likely heard of President Trump’s “sweeping” drug pricing proposals. While it’s way too complicated a topic to cover in our typical article length, we’re going to provide some of the better summaries. First is a nice summary about how this could impact the drug distribution system. Second is about how PhRMA increased its lobbying by 30% in 2017. Third is how Wall St. reacted in a positive manner on Friday, signaling Wall St. isn’t scared of the Trump plan for drug makers. Our last point is how Health & Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar said pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are a prime target in the effort. There will be lots more to digest in the future as the plan is unraveled. As the Brits say, keep calm and carry on.