Stupid serialisation

If you live in the US, it’s seriali“z”ation. Regardless of how you spell it, track-and-trace is coming. The Drug Supply Chain Security Act train, while delayed a bit, is still thundering down the track (pun intended). You know who hates serialisation? Smaller CMOs. Implementing serialization is expensive and without a massive number of customers over which to spread the cost, some smaller CMOs could be in a world of hurt. According to Tracelink, as many as 400 CMOs will not be ready for upcoming US and EU track-and-trace regulations. And if you can’t afford to be compliant, then perhaps the next step is to consolidate. Looks like this trend is far from over. So, buckle-up sippy cup, get your CMO strategy in line, and enjoy the roller coaster ride.

4. Daiichi Sankyo layoffs

4.Slimming down for beach weather, Diiachi Sankyo is shedding staff for the summer, and the foreseeable future. In a move to streamline operations, the Japanese-based pharmaceutical giant has brought together its US-based commercial and development divisions into one consolidated facility in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.  Daiichi reports that the marriage of facilities marks an effort to increase pipeline collaboration and efficiency across several therapeutic areas. But don’t forget the backstory.  The move comes on the heels of an announcement of a 1,200-employee lay-off from its US commercial operations branch- largely due to Daiichi’s top selling drug recently faced with generic competition. And so we see Daiichi’s attempt to make lemonade out of financial lemons.