When he speaks, please listen

With all due apologies to EF Hutton (the commercial will make you feel older than you might want to), when Vasant Narasimhan, Global Head, Drug Development and CEO of Novartis speaks we should all probably listen. In a recent article he outlined three areas that will change medicine in 2018, and spoiler alert, they all have to do with “big” data. The three areas he outlines include; the Internet of things, AI and machine learning, and emerging data platforms. He also introduced InsightCity (and maybe you) to a new term: data lakes (def. virtual warehouses holding immense amounts of raw data in their native form.) Look for “data lakes” on an upcoming IC Buzzword Bingo. FYI, a great 60-minute precision medicine panel discussion from the World Economic Forum/Davos can be found here.

4. Looking for that perfect fit

Who doesn’t love a little online shopping? *wink, wink * Extra justification when it can actually save a life instead of burying it alive under overdraft fees. Welcome OpenTrials, the Walmart MegaCenter for all things clinical trial, and no doubt a promising future for an area in need of more transparency. A public preview of this advanced search engine was recently launched by Open Knowledge International, and will allow the public to conduct ultra-specific searches pulling from sources including ClinicalTrials.gov, PubMed, EU CTR and WHO ICTRP, along with almost a dozen others. The full site will launch early next year, so for that researcher looking into methodological inconsistencies in an ultra-rare disease trial conducted in the highlands of Bhutan, get excited.