Why you gotta be so mean?

Yes, that’s a TSwift “Mean” reference. Not saying we’re proud of it and not saying we’re not. Speaking of mean, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb was mean this week. Using phrases like “rigged payment scheme” and “team up with payors” and “insidious barrier” Gottlieb took aim at PBMs, distributors, drug stores and pharmaceutical companies talking about how these entities “effectively split monopoly rents” instead of passing on savings to consumers. These comments came during a speech where he pointed out that 9 biosimilars have been approved by the FDA and only 3 are for sale. (see InsightCity’s Biosimilar HealthyDose) You’ll be shocked to know that the insurance companies blame the pharma companies and the PBMs blamed the insurance companies. Perfect. BTW, Europe has seen drug prices fall as much as 60% with the introduction of biosimilars. Not too shabby.