Stay a doctor, please

The UK is putting its money where its mouth is. “NHS England has announced a new initiative to help retain GPs in the shape of a £10 million ($13M USD) fund designed to capture those considering leaving general practice.” Why? Because market research conducted for the Royal College of GPs (RCGP) revealed that 39% of its members thought they are unlikely to be working in the profession in England in five years’ time. Whoa. England’s not alone. A 2015 study by the Mayo Clinic found a significant increase in US physician burnout and decrease in work-life balance. Want more? The WHO released a study that indicates “shortages can mount up to 9.9 million physicians, nurses and midwives globally by 2030.” Great. Looks like we’ll need a few more Dr. Beepers in the future. Kudos to England for trying.