Sex, drugs and… depression?

A new study released by the CDC in the US found that fewer teens are having sex and doing drugs. 39.5% of teens reported ever having sex, down from 47.8% in 2007 and 57% in 1988. Illegal drug use seems to be following the same trend as sex. Less of it. 14% of teens reported ever using illegal drugs compared to almost 23% in 2007. That’s a big drop. Now for the bad news. Those who are having sex report lower rates of condom use than in years past. And depression. 31.5% of teens reported “persistent feelings of sadness or loneliness” compared to 28.5% in 2007. So, let’s get this straight… less sex, less drug use, more depression. I’m certain there’s a joke in there somewhere but ending up with more depression is a terrible punchline. Some hypothesize that the growing use of social media—you know, the thing that’s supposed to connect people—is leading to increased social isolation. Frowny-face emoji.