Please say you’re joking…please

Apologies to Luke Bryan (or maybe Luke Bryan should apologize to us?), but after you read this you’ll be less likely to think that “Most People Are Good.” Accenture recently released survey results from 912 employees of provider and payer organizations in the US and Canada. They found 18% of respondents would be willing to sell confidential data to unauthorized parties for as little as $500 to $1,000. What the…? Remember, these are employees of provider and payer organizations. 21% said they keep their user name and password written down next to their computer. C’mon Man. It gets worse when we move from hypothetical to reality where “24% of respondents said they know of someone in their organization who has sold their credentials or access to an unauthorized outsider.” To the 18% – “you’re just a bad person, all the way through to your core.”