Peanut monster no more

In the immortal words of Andre the Giant, anybody want a peanut? You’ve waited long enough for a Princess Bride reference. News outlets are touting the results of a new double-blind study that has shown success in reducing kids’ allergic reaction to peanut exposure. The study of 500 children ages 4 to 17 found 67% of those exposed to small amounts of peanut flour over a 1-year period showed an increase in tolerance to peanut exposure, compared to just 4% of participants who received a placebo. Doctors caution not to attempt the exposure at home as adverse reactions may occur. A further cautionary note: exposure does not necessarily “cure” the allergy and enable someone to eat a PB&J, the best sandwich ever created. Rather, exposure is said to enable 95% of successes to tolerate accidental exposure without reaction.