“Patients are getting screwed”

Direct quote from Leonard Schleifer, the 66-year-old co-founder and CEO of Regeneron. Do tell, Lenny – we call him Lenny. According to Schleifer, the difference between a $10,000 drug with a $4,000 rebate and a drug simply priced at $6,000 is that the former lets the benefit manager crow about the savings it delivers and pass money back to the company buying the health plan (not the patient). He would like to see the rebate system go away. What’s this? A pharma executive who believes in “transparent” pricing? Yep. But it’s not completely altruistic as Schleifer’s drive is for the industry to police itself before the government steps in. The article cited above is a good read/story of Regeneron, and Schleifer puts his money where his mouth is when Regeneron submitted to external reviews to come up with fair prices for Dupixent and their cholesterol treatment.