More drug experiments on soldiers

Prompted by the less-than-optimal sleep conditions often faced by soldiers, the US Army has embarked on research to develop an algorithm that optimizes a person’s caffeine consumption. The algorithm—still under super-secret, need-to-know wraps—predicts a person’s level of alertness by factoring in recent sleep and caffeine consumption. Then it spits out a schedule of times and dosages that will achieve an optimal level of alertness. Currently, US military guidelines recommend sleep-deprived individuals consume 200mg of caffeine when they wake up and an additional 200mg four hours later. The algorithm will allow guidelines to flex depending on an individual’s circumstances—potentially allowing a person to achieve similar levels of alertness with less caffeine or achieve greater alertness with less caffeine. According to the Wall Street Journal, this will soon be available to all of us in the form of an app. Then you’re gonna feel like this.