Monkey Monkey

This week, Chinese researchers successfully cloned two genetically identical long-tailed macaques (aka monkeys). Using a technique called somatic cell nuclear transfer animation (SCNT), scientists started with 79 embryos and implanted them in 21 female surrogates that resulted in 6 pregnancies and the births of the 2 monkeys. Mice, sheep (remember Dolly?), pigs, now monkeys. What’s the difference? According to many scientists, the successful cloning of primates is a huge step in learning more about complex animals, like humans. This advancement also reinvigorates the discussion around the ethical aspect of medical research and we’re not going to go there. InsightCity would have named one of the monkeys “Brass” just so we could play the song, but that’s just us. Thanks for reading. You’ve been patient and we know what monkey clip you’ve been waiting for, so here it is. Enjoy.