Medicare, schmedicare

Don’t forget who you work for. According to Dr. Poonam Alaigh, former Acting Under Secretary of Health at the Dept of Veterans Affairs, “Medicare covers only 14% of all Americans with insurance, where half of Americans receive their health insurance benefits through their employer.” In a recent article she states “With employers in the drivers’ seat, this year is going to be an interesting one to watch for value-based purchasing arrangements.” What is value-based pricing? Not this (mild language, very funny). We’d start with this video from Harvard professor Michael Porter or this one from Humana. Dr. Poonan references three models becoming more popular with employers: Implementing Bundled Payment Approaches, Adopting ACO models, and Adopting Employee Incentives. With stats like “as of 2016 large self-funded employers offering bundled programs realized cost savings of 20-30% per case” it’s time for employers to step-up.