Lawyers always win

Seasoned InsightCity readers will undoubtedly remember that we ran a story in September 2017 titled “Gambling, drugs, and a smart lawyer” about how Allergan had transferred patents of its blockbuster eye drug (Restasis) to a Native American Indian tribe. Turns out we were (kind of) right. Seems the only ones benefiting from this tactic are the smart lawyers. It was probably their idea. Anywho, since September, Allergan has lost the patent fight and lost respect in the eyes (pun intended) of many industry watchers. One of the more colorful takes on the move came from Joe Nocera, a Bloomberg View columnist, who commented “…I can think of a few other words to describe the deal. Sleazy comes to mind. Also: sneaky, unscrupulous and just plain wrong.” Our favorite Tweet references an “own goal” against pharma. Creative? Sleazy? Let’s just call it Sleative and be done with it.