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We’re not exactly sure this list was scientifically developed, but if you’re looking for a healthcare job, then you could start with this list of the 150 best places to work in healthcare. “Healthcare” is a broad term and this list consists of Hospitals, Health Systems and Medical Groups, Health IT & Revenue Cycle Management, Management & Consulting, Healthcare Staffing/Practice Management, Service Providers/Suppliers, and Other (which includes such no-names as J&J, Humana, and UnitedHealth). Here’s an idea, match up the best places to work with these healthiest communities. For example, you could live in Falls Church, VA (healthiest community) and work 4 miles away at the Virginia Hospital Center Health System. We call that “old school” analytics here at InsightCity. If you don’t like it, one word: Earmuffs! (WARNING: language / juvenile humor)