Do you take drugs Danny? Everyday.

Apparently so does everyone else. For a video presentation of the top 20 selling drugs for 2017, see this. Warning, the presentation is titled “best selling drugs in 2018.” See the disconnect? While InsightCity does not have Carnac skills, others might. Anywho. Drug #20 (Stelara) generated ~$4B in sales while #1 (Humira) generated ~$18B. Not too shabby. What’s really interesting is that Humira is off-patent and the FDA has approved two, yes two, biosimilars. How has AbbVie continued to increase sales of Humira after patent expiration? In a word, legalese. According to Jefferies analyst Ian Hilliker, “the fact that a 2nd biosimilar developer has given up on litigating Humira in favour of a settlement helps to underpin the strength of AbbVie’s Humira IP.” With a worldwide prescription drug market of ~$800B, it’s not only Danny Noonan that takes drugs every day.