Death of an opioid salesman

Purdue Pharma—which has seen negative press due to lawsuits alleging negligence in its opioid marketing campaigns—has decided the opioid marketing thing isn’t going well. Starting Feb. 12, Purdue’s just gonna stop promoting its opioid products like OxyContin to prescribers. Of course, there are people at Purdue whose job description is “promote opioid products to prescribers,” so if you’re looking for new sales team members, approximately 200 will be looking for a new job soon. It’s a positive move for the opioid manufacturer, which has been trying to recast itself as an ally in the fight against the US opioid epidemic. It’s also a decently jarring reversal from targeting high-volume prescribers with its marketing efforts, so we’ll see how genuinely people will perceive the action.