CTE, football, and concussions

Super Bowl LII (I think that’s 52?) is next week. And as InsightCity focuses on health news, it seems we should take a stab at ruining your fun. A recent study reported on by MSN.com would lead a reasonable person to wonder whether the NFL’s process for diagnosing concussions is of much use. Basically, the process looks for cognitive and behavioral symptoms that—when present—are evidence of brain injury. The problem is not everyone experiences concussion symptoms and the absence of symptoms does not mean the absence of injury. The study subjected mice to repeated head trauma (sorry) and found that mice that demonstrated no cognitive and behavioral changes showed the same changes in the brain as the mice who demonstrated the symptoms. Makes a person wonder what the NFL will look like in 10 years. Now, to re-lighten your spirit for the game, here’s an all-time great, football-related comedy clip by Bob Nelson (WARNING: language).