Bam! – cook with your kids

The best-known cooking catchphrase: Bam! is a great place to start this article. If watching Emeril Lagasse doesn’t get you fired up to cook, maybe this will. Results of a study conducted over the past 15 years by Jennifer Utter, University of Auckland, New Zealand on Minneapolis-Saint Paul teens (Minnesota, USA) concludes that “developing cooking skills as a young adult may have long-term benefits for health and nutrition.” In a world of social media screen time, this study serves as a gentle reminder that basic skills, like cooking, can have a substantial impact on childhood development. According to the study, “if those who perceived their cooking skills as adequate had families, they ate more frequent family meals and less frequent fast food meals.” So, let’s not pull a Julia Child (via Dan Aykroyd) and do better than the Bass-O-Matic and teach our kids to cook.