$1.23 per person in the US

Earlier this week FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb outlined the FDA’s request for additional funding. In summary, “additional resources will help advance initiatives to support novel medical technology and public health priorities such as generic drug development, pharmacy outsourcing, and novel domestic manufacturing capabilities.” Cool. $400 million worth of cool, or just $1.23 per individual in the US. Count me in. The current US 2019 budget would boost funding for the FDA to ~$5.8 billion from the current level of $5.1 billion, so the $400M request is really just asking for a 7.8% increase. If you are really interested/bored, you can view the “brief” version of the HHS budget here, all $95.4B of it. Want to see what you can fill your Amazon cart with for $1.23, look no further.