What does The Times know?

We can’t answer that because we don’t work there, but we do know they put out a pretty good product. So, when the New York Times lists the top-10 most-read wellness articles of 2017, we thought InsightCity readers would be interested. Coming in at #1 was an article stating that interval training (work out hard, rest, repeat) had the most positive impact, especially for older adults. Helpful. Simply stated, article #7 reads “never eat mac and cheese again.” Apparently, chemicals called phthalates, that were banned from children’s teething rings a decade ago, may still be present in high concentrations in processed mac and cheese. According to the report, “DEHP, the most widely restricted phthalate, was found more often and at a much higher average concentration than any other phthalate, among all the cheese products tested.” Happy Holidays!