Red, White, and Blue > mosquitos

In the spirit of American Independence Day, blood-sucking, malaria-spreading mosquito jerks have met their match. Africa alone holds 90% of the world’s malaria deaths, but thanks to W (the President, not the Hotel) and the President’s Malaria Initiative (P.M.I.) we’re starting to see striking results in the fight against malaria. So much so that researchers have determined that, in the countries helped by this initiative, about 1.7 million baby and toddler deaths have been prevented. And guess what? The $500M a year that is spent on this all comes from the good ole US of A. That’s right. American donations have helped save nearly two million children from malaria through P.M.I. Suck on that mosquitos. America isn’t all baseball, burgers, and freedom. It’s a malaria-crushing, baby-saving, philanthropic nation, too.