Gilead searching to cure hep C sales forecasts

Let this be a lesson to us all. If you do your job too well, you won’t be needed anymore. Gilead has cured a lot of their target market. Combine that with the goldrush mentality surrounding the hep C marketplace and you have analysts forecasting a decline in quarterly sales from $2B in Q3 to $1.36B in Q4. Sure, InsightCity would probably be content to generate that kind of quarterly cheddar, but at that rate of decline, analysts are suggesting 2018 hep C sales could fall to approximately $4.5B, half what the company will have seen in 2017. (For perspective, if InsightCity revenue were cut in half it would still be approximately $0 USD, per quarter). But don’t forget, Gilead is sleeping on stacks of cash and they’ve been shopping.