Fun with poo

Synergy Pharmaceuticals recently had a shi… uh, terrible idea. And then they decided to run with it. They launched a keyboard app of poop emojis known as The Poop Troop. The app is designed to promote conversation on the topic of constipation, as if our lack of cartoon poo is why we haven’t discussed it until now. Yes, this article stinks but we’ll push through it together. “These emojis are not intended to serve as a diagnostic or a medical tool,” stated Kimberly D. Orleck, P.A. at Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates. “Gee, really, Kim?”, stated this InsightCity writer. The second my doctor calls me “Runny Ron” or “Mr. Smooth” (yes, they’ve named them) I’ll be looking for a new doctor. I know this strains our credibility, but you can’t make this crap up.

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