Ever wonder what your guts look like?

If you have an upcoming surgery, you might just get a sneak peek at your innards. Surgery performed on awake patients is on the upswing. InsightCity staff are split on whether this trend is terrifying or awesome (tell us your thoughts in this week’s FastPoll™). This technique is being used primarily in orthopedics but other specialties are moving in this direction. Benefits include reduced cost (no anesthesiologist necessary), faster recovery, patient feeling increased control, and curiosity satisfaction. I mean, who doesn’t want to see their colon up close and personal? Surgeons are going to have to work on their (operating) table manners… cursing when something goes awry or re-hashing last night’s partying will no longer be kosher. InsightCity assumes patients would rather not think of their surgeon binge-drinking like she’s on Grey’s Anatomy.