Connecting some “tele” dots

Telehealth. Telemonitoring. Telemedicine. It can get teleconfusing. The 411: Medicare reimbursement for telehealth and remote patient monitoring technologies totaled ~$28M in 2016 out of a $990B CMS budget. Seems like a rounding error. Recently the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced it will reimburse for time spent collecting and analyzing health data that is generated by a patient, digitally stored, and transmitted to the providers. They’ll also be finalizing several codes for telehealth services. Good news for telehealth. The flip side comes from net neutrality. With net neutrality repealed, then internet providers could either deny/block encrypted telehealth data or charge a lot more to carry this data. Bummer. All this comes on the heels of Walgreens and New York-Presbyterian’s announcement that they will bring telemedicine services to select NY stores. See a 2013 telemedicine cartoon, yes 2013, that’s the point.