A drink a day keeps the cardiologist away?

Bottoms up! The National Institutes of Health is kicking off a 6-year, $100M trial to test the effects of moderate drinking on heart health. Some volunteers will abstain from alcohol and others will consume one alcoholic drink daily (sorry, no binge-drinking allowed in this trial). Those in the drinking group will even get partly reimbursed for the booze. Score! A few question marks though: the study is receiving major funding from the likes of Anheuser-Busch InBev and Heineken, several researchers have had prior ties to the alcohol industry, and there is no current plan for verifying that participants are adhering to their regimen of one daily drink or no drinks at all. Consider InsightCity’s eyebrow raised…as well as our fingers crossed for a bit of data-supported, guilt-free drinking. Cheers! Let us know in the FastPollTM below if you’d consider joining this study.