5. A real-life proton gun? Germs are busted.

Quick, alert Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray! Their new assignment? Zapping germs, not ghosts, with a real-life ‘germ zapper’ from Xenex, which just received $38 million in series 1 funding. This UV-emitting robot is designed to destroy germs in high risk environments such as operating rooms and patient rooms post use. According to Xenex, “hundreds of people die every day from hospital acquired infections,” (think MRSA) and their Germ-Zapping Robot™ can do something about it (yes, they trademarked that). The Ebola virus and anthrax spores have already been effectively ‘zapped’ in studies. So, who ya gonna call? Xenex. Not exactly Oscar-winning soundtrack material like the original. Yeah, that song was nominated for an Oscar and that will win you $5 in a bar bet.