1. Good or bad news first?

In an effort to combat the prescription drug abuse epidemic, several companies, like Purdue Pharma, have created reformulated opioids. These abuse-deterrent painkillers make it more difficult to snort, smoke or inject the drug—some estimates show that revised OxyContin has curtailed abuse by 40%. Well done, Purdue. Buuuuuut… a new study from the University of Pennsylvania and Rand Corp. shows that since the reformulation of OxyContin, heroin overdoses have surged and the increase in deaths can be attributed directly to the new-and-improved Oxys. One finding shows the number of heroin deaths tripled from 3,000 in 2010 (when reformulated Oxy was introduced) to 10,500 in 2014. InsightCity’s analysis? Addiction is painful and destructive, and the healthcare ecosystem plays too large of a role in the problem.