5. Zika-free, fast-tracked!

The F.D.A. made an urgent call for Zika screenings throughout all US blood banks, translating to an annual average of 14 million units of blood to be tested or decontaminated by new screening technologies. Given a window of 1-3 months for total implementation, banks are in for it this fall. A tall order? For sure. Necessary? Duh, consider that Zika can be spread through sexual transmission, no mosquito required. Or the unsettlingly high number of donors in Puerto Rico testing positive. Or the >16,000 cases on US soil alone. Or that we can keep going, but there’s a character limit on this post. Within months, we can hopefully rest assured that blood banks will be safer places, apart from the treachery of that one phlebotomist who can’t find your vein.