4. Aetna slashes Obamacare

Aetna is splitting up with 11 of its 15 Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges. These cuts come after other major insurers — UnitedHealth and Humana —announced similar plans. Insurers leaving the marketplace reduces competition, which, according to your high school Econ teacher, is bad news for consumers. Additionally, fewer insurers could undo some of the progress the ACA has made (Think: better access to care, lower out-of-pocket costs, and higher quality care). So why the pull-back? Some are hinting that it’s simple retribution but Aetna reported a $200 million loss from its individual insurance, citing lack of healthy people to balance out high-cost customers. And why aren’t healthy people buying on the exchanges? Ask your 20-something, self-employed cousin about premiums vs. the penalty fee. (Hint: one is *much* lower).