2. You can’t put a price on QoL, right? Wrong. It’s £10,000.

Want to shave 60 days off your drug’s approval by NICE in the UK? No problem, just ensure your product (drug, device, treatment) adds one year of quality life for a patient for less than £10,000. Done. Last Thursday, NICE announced it is seeking comments on a proposal to cut the approval time from 90 days to 30 days, stating products that “have a likely cost per QALY (quality adjusted life year) of up to £10,000 would be dealt with more quickly under a ‘lighter touch’ process.” There is also a provision for treatments that address rare diseases (aka – the Highly Specialised Technologies programme). PS, you have until January 13, 2017 to respond to NICE with your comments. Pencils up.

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