2. Hot, hot, hot then not, not, not

Immunotherapy. Got your attention? Heat Biologics (HTBX), a biotech developing treatments for lung cancer using immunotherapy, went on a stock market roller coaster over the past few days, which is a lesson in just how fragile the drug development process can be. The last seven days of trading have seen HTBX’s share price move as follows: $1.53 to $1.91 to $2.49 to $3.23 to $2.98 to $2.87 to $1.03. The climb: anticipation around the release of Phase II data. The fall: compound HS-410 did not meet its primary endpoint. Now the fun part, HTBX is presenting data from another compound (HS-110) this Wednesday in Europe. Might want to check the ticker that day and hold onto your hat. Drug development is a wild ride.