2. AZ all over the alphabet

Things are busy at AstraZeneca (AZN) these days. That happens when your mega-billion dollar blockbuster drug, Crestor, hits the patent cliff. Que (Q) the changes. AZN plans to cut $1.5B in costs and double down on cancer. Lay-off numbers were undisclosed. AZN is not standing still, making several recent acquisitions, including ZS Pharma (ZSPH). Their BACE inhibitor-based Alzheimer’s compound passed a recent safety analysis by an independent DSMB. AZN has also said “no comment” to rumors they will bid on Medivation (MDVN). AZ plans to “leverage information from up to 2 million genome sequences, including over 500,000 from our own clinical trials, to drive drug discovery and development across all our therapeutic areas.” TBD on more oncology product in-license news from AZ.

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