1. Twitter to the rescue?

UnitedHealthcare has announced that Medtronic will soon become the sole in-network insulin pump manufacturer for UHC’s commercial and Medicaid plan members. Though patients are permitted to continue using their existing pump until it is out of warranty and needs to be replaced, patients are not exactly jazzed about this new lack of options.  Patients, advocacy groups, and not surprisingly, Medtronic’s competitor Tandem Diabetes Care, are pushing back publically. Patients and advocacy groups are using Twitter hashtags #DiabetesAccessMatters and #MyPumpMyChoice to voice their displeasure.  One tweet reads, “If you can’t decide what to have for lunch just ask @MDT_Diabetes & @myUHC they know everything #MypumpMyChoice.” Whether sarcasm and tweets will be enough to change UHC’s policy remains to be seen.