1. ‘I’m fighting brain eating amoebas, ask me anything!’

Profounda, Inc. CEO Todd MacLaughlan recently stopped by the social media site reddit for an AMA (that’s an acronym for “Ask Me Anything,” for the internet noobs in our audience.) Profounda’s drug Impavido, was recently used in Orlando to save a 16 year-old from brain eating amoebas. Redditors asked him, well, anything, from questions about the drug’s mechanism of action and how it’s packaged, to whether or not he’s tried pepper jelly on crackers (spoiler: he hasn’t.) MacLaughlan apparently did well, with many site members lauding him for answering questions like the pepper jelly one, making the appearance feel less like a PR campaign. Pro-tip: redditors will also like you if you make sure to distance yourself from ever-toxic “Pharma bro” Martin Shkreli.